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Kickstart your troop year with the Fall Sale!

Fall Sale is a great way for Girl Scouts to earn money to support troop activities, purchase supplies and materials, and participate in activities. Our council offers one of the highest percentages offered in any Girl Scout council throughout the country. This year's sale runs October 6-22, 2017.

Here are a few ways to boost your troop profits:

  • Troops earn 25% profit on the sales they make
  • Troops with girls in grades 6-12 are offered 28% profit when they opt out of receiving recognitions.  
  • Troops that participate in the Fall Sale Program will be eligible to earn bonus proceeds at cookie time!

Each fall, Girl Scouts sell nuts, candy, magazines, and other items through face-to-face and online sales. These girls aren’t just selling delicious treats; they’re learning the five essential skills!

  • Goal Setting - Girls set goals individually and with their troop. As they creat a plan to reach those goals, they're developing cooperation and team building skills.
  • Decision Making - The girls will help decide how the troop will spend their money using critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Money Management - As the girls are responsible for taking orders and handling money, they gain valuable life skills around financial literacy.
  • People Skills - They will learn how to talk to, listen to and work with all kinds of people during the Fall Sale. This helps develop healthy relationships and builds conflict resolution skills for the future.
  • Business Ethics - Being responsible and honest throughout the sale will reinforce positive values that girls will use in all aspects of life.

Not sure what to do next? Head to our resources page to get started!

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