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Cookie Sellers

When you sell Girl Scout Cookies, you're doing more than just helping your customers stock up on delicious treats (and having lots of fun). You're doing it with a goal in mind. Whether that goal is a pizza party, awesome rewards, a community project, or your first overnight trip with your troop, you know how many boxes you need to sell to make it happen.

Important Dates

GEARING UP PHASE: December - January 18

Before the official start of the 2018 Cookie Sale, make sure everyone in your troop has the information they need to be successful and is excited about the number one financial literacy program for girls.

Things to watch for:

  • Email for Digital Cookie setup
  • Cookie Rally
  • Parent Meetings
INITIAL ORDER PHASE: January 19 - February 3

The Initial Order phase kicks off cookie season! Girls can reach out to friends, family, and neighbors to order their favorite cookies.

January 19: Cookie order taking begins and Digital Cookie opens. No orders should be taken before this date.

February 4: Troop Product Manager (TPM) must submit your Girl Scout’s Initial Order. They may give you a date prior to this to turn in your order card. Be sure to follow this deadline to ensure arrival of cookies.

Council-Sponsored Booth Scheduling: February 1 - 8

Girl Scouts has a booth sale agreement with Walmart. These booth sales are set up by the council staff and are located at all local Walmarts. These locations are listed in eBudde for your troop to sign up. Please do not contact any Walmarts to set up additional booths.

Starting January 25 you can view council sponsored Walmart booth timeslots. The Booth Sale Scheduler is located in eBudde and is a real-time booth sign up. Mark your calendar with the dates below:

  • February 1, 2018, at 6:00 a.m. – First Round: Troops can sign up for one Walmart booth timeslot.
  • February 5, 2018 at 6:00 a.m. – Second Round: Troops can sign up for two additional Walmart booth timeslots.
  • February 8, 2018 at 6:00 a.m. – Unlimited Reservations: all the remaining booth timeslots are open, no limits.
GOAL-GETTER PHASE: February 4 - February 22

This is the third phase of the Cookie Sale Program when girls have turned in their Initial Order card, but have not received cookies yet. Girls who take orders from February 4-22 will earn the Goal-Getter patch when they sell 24 or more packages. For every 50 packages sold during the Goal-Getter Phase, girls will be entered for a chance to win one of five Poloroid cameras (with film).

Goal Getter Flyer

February 4-February 22: Goal-Getter order cards are used to gather additional orders, which are picked up at cookie cupboards by the TPM after February 22. Girls continue to use Digital Cookie.

February 17, 19-22: Cookie delivery to Service Units. Your TPM will have you pick up your Initial Order. Deliver cookie orders right after they are received. You will be asked to sign a receipt every time you pick up cookies and/or turn in money. Be sure to keep these receipts for your records.

COOKIES-IN-HAND PHASE: February 23 - March 18

Cookies will begin to arrive February 17! Girls can deliver cookies ordered in the Initial Order and Goal-Getter phases and begin selling extra cookies directly to customers. Digital Cookie is still a great tool for connecting with customers online and cookie booths will begin in this phase.

February 23-March 18: Troop booth sales occur. Girls can continue to sell cookies in-hand to customers and use Digital Cookie.

March 18: Last day of the Cookie Sale Program. Money must be submitted to your TPM by this date. They may ask you to turn in money prior to this date.

April/May: Rewards distributed by TPM.

Ways to Participate

  1. Take customer orders and record on Initial Phase or Goal-Getter order cards.
  2. Sell online through Digital Cookie. You can ship the cookies directly to the customer or deliver them in person.
    • Register: Keep an eye out for a registration email coming to you in late December.
    • Set Up Your Site: In just a few minutes, your family can set up her cookie sale goal, share her cookie story, and upload a fun picture or video to boost sales. When the site is ready to save, click review, then publish, and done!
    • Invite Customers: Manage her cookie customer list and easily send ready-to-use emails inviting people to support her sale. You can also promote her personalized cookie sale link on Facebook with friends and family.
    • Track Your Goals: See how close she is to reaching her goal by tracking the number of packages sold and orders placed; as well as sales by delivery type and cookie variety. You can even include offline sales to see her total progress – yum!
  3. Sell cookies directly to customers after February 17 when cookies arrive.
  4. Your troop can open Cookie Booths in the community and expand their customer base.
Care to Share

Customers can purchase cookies to donate to men and women serving in the military through a council-sponsored program called Care to Share. Cookies purchased go directly to Soldier’s Angels and Riverbend Troop Support; military support organizations that send care packages.


Earn the one-time-only 2018 patch for all girls who participate in Care to Share and we reach the council goal of 2018 cases donated to the military!


Girls who sell 12 or more packages earn the Care to Share patch.


If a girl sells 24 or more packages, she will earn the patches and a Squishable s'mores keychain.

Cookie Pro

This cookie season, six girls nationwide, one per Girl Scout grade level, will be named GSUSA's Top Cookie Pro 2018 and get the EPIC chance to be featured on the Girl Scout Cookie box!

All registered Girl Scout cookie sellers from participating councils can enter. Girls enter by completing their very own Cookie Pro Resume Survey online and submitting it along with a photo between January 2 and April 30.


Unlock this awesome, limited-edition
Cookie Pro 2018 patch!


Rewards in the line-up are cumulative. Girls will earn all rewards up to the level that they sell. You can see pictures of the reward line-up on the order card.

500 Club
Girls selling 500+ packages will become a member of the elite 500 Club! Girls earn a special bar segment and certificate in celebration of their success!

Program Credit
Program Credit is an individual girl reward. It can be used to pay for camp, council-sponsored and Service Unit events, uniforms, pins, awards, and merchandise at the Girl Scout shops or camp trading posts. Girls will earn Program Credit at the 100, 140, 175, 225, 300, and 400 levels. Girls will also have the option to choose extra Program Credit instead of a reward at each level at and above 500 packages sold.

Disney Trip
Girls who sell 2,500+ packages will earn a trip to Disney World for themselves and a chaperone. Learn more...

Helpful Resources

To sell cookies if you are an Individually Registered Member or if your troop is not participating in the cookie sale please complete this form:

Cookie Sale Websites